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20% Off Deep Woods

20% Off Deep Woods

Save extra 20% off on insect repellants at Drugstore. There is a limit of one per order. Offer expires on 8/23/11.

Well our coupon blog is known for my random deal hunt. Today, I have wonderful insect repellants from Deep Woods, PowerPad Lamp, a spray with Aloe Vera, and many more. As such, has featured 20% instant discount on their entire line of insect repellants from now through 8/23/11. You know around half a million of Americans desperately search for a functional product each month. They want something to protect them from mosquitoes, fleas, gnats and chiggers. Deep Woods work great. But be aware of its strong odor. It is okay to apply it in farms, garden or outhouse. Please visit drugstore for details.

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Posted on Jul 12, 2011

Men's Ashworth Polos And Shorts Now 50% Off at DicksSportingGoods

Men's Ashworth Polos And Shorts Now 50% Off at DicksSportingGoods

Our today's coupon blog features best deals from DicksSportingGoods and OfficeMax. Offers include 50% off Polos And Shorts, $60 Off Kodak Camera,$50 Off Office Chair.

$60 Off Kodak Camera & $50 Off Office Chairs
Friends, before unfolding the Polo from DicksSportingGoods let me share two important coupons from OfficeMax. The first one is for your passion and the second one is for your profession. Both these codes are worth a mention. If photography is something you have loved the most and want to explore more, this is the perfect time to consider a Kodak M550 Digital Camera from OfficeMax. Enter coupon code “Camera60” to save $60 on this item. For your profession, if you have a plan to decorate your home office with a new office chair, then, consider this Executive Chair from OfficeMax, which comes with a savings of $50 when you use coupon code Chair50. This high backend revolving chairs are known for style, comfort and function. Both of these codes are valid through July 16, 2011.

50% Off Polos & Shorts
The Ashworth Men's Solid Pique Polo (shown in picture) comes in eight different colors: red, blue, white, black, orange, purple, navy and green. Made of 60% Cotton and 40% polyester pique, these two buttons solid pique polos must be a great addition to your hubby’s wardrobe. The regular price is shown against each item listed under this category. Discount price will be shown at your shopping cart. I’m not going to disclose it either. The offer price is a real surprise and it keeps up to the promise made by the 50% off offer. This offer is also valid through 7/16. No coupon code is required.


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Posted on Jul 11, 2011

$100 Off Acer Aspire One Netbook & More Offers from TigerDirect

$100 Off Acer Aspire One Netbook & More Offers from TigerDirect

Want a cheap Netbook? Check this deal at TigerDirect. Enjoy instant $100 discount. No coupon code is required.

Friends, it’s time to share with you today’s bestest coupons. And I’m happy to get a few Netbook deals from TigerDirect. Priced incredibly low, this is surely an indication that online electronics retailers are avidly eyeing at this overgrowing market. For me a NetBook is a better bargain than Laptop. It is light, portable and surely comfortable to carry with you daylong. You can access emails, browse Internet, listen to music, or, play games. So, it satisfies a majority of your needs. Moreover, these are rather cheap when compared to laptops. Be sure, these days these small portable gadgets have ample storage space. Now the Acer Aspire One AOD255E-13429 features massive 250GB storage with 1GB DDR3 for quick processing. It is available for $250+ in most other stores. The price at TigerDirect is only $199 + free shipping. The offer expires on Exp. July 15, 2011. So, you need to hurry!

A few other offers from this store include:

  1. Lenovo All-in-one Desktop Pc - $329.99 after $55 off
  2. Sony Vaio Laptop - $70 off
  3. Hp Probook Notebook - $50 off and many more.

Check it out.



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Posted on Jul 09, 2011

Amazing Dog Food Coupons at

Amazing Dog Food Coupons at

Watch out coupons for July 2011. A huge savings on dog foods, groceries and more!

Hi friends, I hope you had a great July 4th Party. That’s great! This is the way to live life king size despite all challenges. Now the great thing is that we have a bunch of amazing Amazon coupon for July 2011. These are for your dog. If you happen to rely on canned foods, get Castor & Pollux Dog Food this month. It is healthy and tastes good. You save extra 20% when you shop at Amazon using coupon code CASTPOL5.  For Tasty Bite Dog Food, the code is TASTYBT9.

And this one is not for your dog. But this is for you. Use coupon code “KELLSNAX” at to save 25% on Kellogg's Snacks.

BTW the other day, we have found a great deal of dog weightloss diet program. This one, the Hill’s Science Diet Program comes with one month’s supply for a small but fat dog with a guide to help your lazy dog to become more active. They suggest that you can see the changes in 30 days. It reads from various reviews that this diet plan works well. I hope it really does so.

Have a great day!


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Posted on Jul 06, 2011

Happy 4th of July, 2011 Savings

Happy 4th of July, 2011 Savings

From DVD to iPod, from apparels to jewelry - you get enticing deals to celebrate the 4th of July in style with bunch of free coupons without hitting your pocket hard.

Most amazing things happen in this world sometimes. Really! A few days ago, we got a free iPad giveaway offer. Earlier I used to think these are all gimmick. Nope! With persistence and a touch of good luck, you can actually get a bunch of stuff for free. Our tonight’s deal page is covered from and Barnes & Nobles. These are all part of happy 4th of July savings!

Free DVDs
You can get 3 DVD for free when you buy any two at Barnes & Nobles. And for my dear friends, who are just annoyed of paying shipping charges, orders over $25 at Barnes & Nobles will ship for free for a few days.

$25 Off iPod Touch
For those interested to spice up their life with sweet melodies, here is good news. The 3rd Generation iPod Touch 8GB Mp3 Player (refurbished) is now available for $147.00 only at after $8 coupon savings. When compared with other vendors, you can see a minimum savings of $33 on this item. Plus, this item ships for free. This cool offer is valid through 7/2 only. As such, good offers don’t really last long.

15% Off Fashion Apparels & Accessories
One of my favorite stores for fashionable apparels, Karmaloop, has released a new coupon. The code is JULY4. It is valid through 7/5. And it saves 15% off $100+ orders plus free shipping.

$5 Off Dog Treat
One of the top sellers at PetSmart, the GREENIES Dental Chews Treat Tub, is also on sale with a decent $5 discount through July 5th.

4th of July Jewelry Savings
Okay! So, we have gadgets, books, DVDs, dresses and a treat for you pet at a discount price. What about looking at the luxury corner? There in the jewelry section we have an ice cool offer from The offer is 15% off plus $1 shipping. It is valid through July 5th, 2011.

As such, this Independence Day is going to give you great savings. So, happy shopping!


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Posted on Jul 01, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all those great dads out there.

Happy father’s day and my heartiest congratulations to you all, being the proud father of you sons and daughters, on this special day. This is the first ever Father’s Day celebrated at CouponTOT. And we hope to celebrate many more events in future. I know you have loads of responsibilities. You work hard for you family. You plan for betterment of their future. You teach kids by setting your own examples. You are great.
So, enjoy your day! Have a relaxing hour!

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Posted on Jun 19, 2011

Buying New Swimsuit? Please Wait! There's a Deal!

Buying New Swimsuit? Please Wait! There's a Deal!

About to buy your new swimsuit? Please do not wait, if you want to spend more!

One of my favorite stores for plus size swimwear is Those, who are already familiar with this store, will admit its value. For those, who are new to this store, here is why I’m in love with SFA.

Their catalog includes great suits both for women’s and plus size.  It covers famous brands like Beach Belle, The Longitude, and many more. The user interface of their website works like a charm. I have never ever seen anyone unhappy with the product or customer service. Yes. I’ve been working closely with this store for the past five years almost.

And ahhh! They throw away cool deals. Their present offer includes a flat $10 off on Beach Belle Suits. It looks good enough. But if you have a plan to pick up a new design, wait till June 19th, 2011 (Sunday). On that day, there will be a 25% storewide discount, so far as I know.

Yes! Buy anything and save extra 25% off!

This is the main reason why I love SFA. So, make your selection fast and wait till 6/19 to save 25% off!


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Posted on Jun 16, 2011

It's All for Dad! Right Now

It's All for Dad! Right Now

Father's Day is on June 19th, 2011. You can find gift ideas, deals and coupons to celebrate the day in style without hitting your pocket hard. From free eCards to inexpensive gifts, from stunning gadgets to office toys - there is literally something for all dads.

A day like this comes only once in a year. A day to say thanks to our father, to congratulate him for his contribution for us! As such, I have seen people getting confused while choosing a gift for anyone. And choosing the proper gift for dad is no different. Budget is the primary constraint. Besides, personal preference also matters. So, over the past few weeks, we have put together gift ideas. And any talk on CouponTOT is incomplete without a bounty code. So, at the end of our discussions, we have furnished best matched coupons, whenever possible.

Let's explore a few of the ideas:

  1. Golf Gift: If budget is your primary consideration, you can find great gift for golfer dad within $10 - $30 price point. At, you get wide array of golf balls, shoes, shirts and accessories. IN THE HOLE Golf is another store featuring great gift ideas for golfer dads. Remember to use coupon code "SPRINGGOLF" to get 5% off on your orders at In The Hole Golf. You can also consider "Cleatskins Golf", a wonderful footwear accessory to protect shoes of your golfer dad.
  2. Food Gift: Dads love to eat. It is more likely that your dad is no different. So, encourage dad to take a tea flight, or, you can consider mouth-watering Chicago Steaks from Chicago Steak Company. The steaks are little expensive. But to compensate for the price, the store offers fabulous deals frequently, which include free lobster tails, free shipping  (reg: $20 price) and many more.
  3. Gadget Gifts: If your dad is tech savvy, consider a gadget to make his life more entertaining. At the same time these gadgets will help him to have a better quality of life. For ideas and offers, see gadget gift ideas!
  4. Spa & Beauty: Remember dads need to relax. Why not pamper him with a spa gift certificate or by considering a few grooming supplies? These are really inexpensive. But these all constitute great gift ideas.
  5. Jewelry Gift: Just think beyond those traditional ties and tees and you get more and more unique ideas. It is absolutely stunning to explore Father's Day Jewelry Gift ideas. These stainless steel or sterling silver jewelries look absolutely manly, I can assure you.
  6. Movie Gift: This is also a very unique idea to consider a movie gift certificate for dad. This works great particularly, if dad is heavily obsessed with his work life. Give him a scope to enjoy!
  7. Flowers for Father: Hmmm! Although it might sound a little too overused idea but nothing can be compared to flower as gift for dad. You can find great arrangements with good coupons from Flora Queen, Fluerop, etc. tc.
  8. Free Gift: And if you are running on a tight budget, still we have something for your dad. Consider a free eCards for you dad this Father's Day. You can print, email or post this card to his facebook profile after personalization. Loaded with engaging music, these cards look very attractive.

I do not think your dad will ever have any complaint about the price of your gift. What matters most is the fact that you send it only for him this Father's Day!



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Posted on Jun 14, 2011

Here You Go

Here You Go

Finally, we are up and running with bunch of coupons, deals, gift ideas and many more.

Aha! Finally here we go. It's the idea that matters. You get coupons. You get it through regular email subscriptions, you clip it from newspaper, you present it at the cash counter of your local departmental store, or, you redeem it at respective websites. As such, you do everything you could to save money. Still money somehow leaks out from your pocket.

So, we have constructed this idea.

There are many useful reads (I presume & I hope) in this website.

Get the idea.

Start saving money.



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Posted on May 05, 2011

Interview with LJP, A Successful Shopping Blogger

Interview with LJP, A Successful Shopping Blogger

CouponTOT has the opportunity to take an email interview with LJP, the lady behind the online shopping blog SaveSaveSave, now among the top hundred Australian Women’s Bloggers list, and like many others, she did not really start it as a business! Besides winning a laptop for writing an article on online shopping, the blog generated a stunning $1100USD within 48 hours recently.

CouponTOT: What’s your name and where are you from?
LJP from Melbourne, Australia

CouponTOT: Tell us something about your business, your goals and key achievements:
LJP: I run a blog called “SaveSaveSave”, which is based around online shopping and my personal shopping experiences.  I first learned how to use computers when I was 7 years old, and learned to program in BASIC, use DOS and stuff like that.  Later I learned CSS and HTML and it just naturally followed that I would be creating websites and blogging from then on.

Key achievements - writing:
Making the Top 100 Australian Women Bloggers list, and winning a new laptop for writing an article on online shopping.  

Key achievements - internet marketing:
My first affiliate sale was a milestone for me.  So far my biggest achievement in internet marketing has been making $1100USD over 48 hours in March 2010.      

I have started up some projects in niche blogging so it will be interesting to see what happens in the coming months.  I’d also like to do a lot more networking and promotion this year and perhaps a bit of guest posting.  

CouponTOT: How did the idea for this business come about?
LJP: My business didn’t really start as a business, it came from a love of shopping and a love of writing.  My partner suggested that I create a blog about my shopping adventures in June 2006 and it just grew from there.  The blog has definitely become a business now, and it continues to grow with each passing month.  

CouponTOT: How many hours do you work a day on average?
LJP: The truthful answer is that I could do it for 20 hours straight unless someone told me to take a break.  I blog whenever I get a spare moment, be it daytime or 3 in the morning.  I like to write when the mood takes me or whenever I hear of something interesting to blog about.  When it comes to marketing, the amount of trial and error means many hours in front of the computer.  It’s worth it when a venture starts to pay off, you just have to keep doing it.

CouponTOT: What’s your definition of success, and do you believe you’ve achieved it yet?
LJP: My definition of success is being able to do what you love, when you want to, and making a lot of cash doing it.  I think success keeps evolving, I’m never really satisfied, which is a good thing because it keeps me on my toes.  In terms of achieving success, I don’t even think I’m 10% there yet.

CouponTOT: What motivates you?
LJP: It’s hard to define what motivates me.  I don’t really know exactly.  It’s like a compulsion, an artistic impulse to write.  Most of all I love to make people laugh.  When it come to internet marketing, it's easy to get obsessed.  I have been learning internet marketing for a few years now and I always find some new technique or idea I can use.  I love studying the methods of some of the more successful bloggers but there is also great satisfaction that comes from working things out on my own.  

CouponTOT: What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage fear?
LJP: I probably have the same fear that every other blogger has.  Basically someone saying “you suck”.  But, these things happen and for every one of those guys there are heaps of positive people out there.  Another fear is not having enough time to do everything.  I run about 10 websites at present and do all the content, SEO, marketing and social networking stuff.  It can be exhausting!  Time goes so quickly and sometimes it’s hard to prioritize. 

CouponTOT: If you had the chance to start your career over again, what would you do differently?
LJP: I’d buy the domain name for Twitter!  But seriously, I probably would have bought myself a better domain name for SaveSaveSave.  It doesn’t seem to have hindered my progress and I don’t seem to be suffering for it.  Overall I’m happy with how the blog is developing.

CouponTOT: A special message for CouponTOT readers:
LJP: You can almost always find a better deal if you look hard enough.  Keep tracking down those coupons!


You can find LJP writing at

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Posted on Apr 02, 2011
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