Best Back to School Coupon From Kohl’s :: 15% Off :: Valid through 7/28

Extra 15% off coupon from Kohl's brings down the prices of name brand backpacks within your reach.

Take extra 15% off all uniforms & backpacks using promo code "Shopbts15" at Kohl's. This is the offer and it looks like a good one to save a few extra bulks when back to school supplies are 10% - 15% higher than the previous year. Uniforms and backpacks are indeed must have!

Just today I was taking an online survey on backpack prices. The North Face does not have too many items below $80. JanSports are little bit lower when compared to The North Face. Right now I just can’t recall any other brand. But there are a few around $50. I also found a few beautiful Kids’ Character backpack priced around $15 from DisneyStores. That was on sale.

I think this background was necessary to emphasize the value savings from Kohl’s. The school bags are priced from $20 to $55 at Kohl's. The collection includes cute Disney Princess, Polka Dot, Wildkin Dots and many more. The base price looks okay. The 15% coupon saving reduce the prices to become very much competitive. If you consider 15% savings on a $50 school bag, it means around $7.50 savings on backpacks alone. The same discount applies on school uniforms. The discount is valid from now through 7/28. I'll feature more back to school offers in the days to come. Enjoy!

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