Back to School Savings :: Ten Money Saving Ideas for Scared Parents

Are you one of those parents, who are just scared of paying the Back to School bills? It is really getting expensive to send them back to school these days. However, there are a few easy suggestions you can follow to get some relief.

It is never too early to start planning. In fact, it is one of the top recommendations. Advantage includes avoiding the infamous last minute shopping rush in the departmental stores. For online shoppers, they can spare their purses from paying the extra shipping bills when they do so early. But the biggest struggle is our inertia. It is the perfect summer fun going on everywhere. Why should we care for back to school supplies right now? But believe me, this is the best time to start planning. So, let’s proceed.

Check what you already have in stock. A lot of your supplies may be with you already. It could be an unopened pencil set, a backpack, or, crayons, you received in his last birthday. It could be anything. The ideal situation is that these essential supplies should be kept in a separate place. It is better to do so near kids’ study tables. It helps to spot them on quickly. If you have not done so already, build this habit in the forthcoming session. You will find the benefit within a year.

Teach elder children to give away their extra supplies to the younger ones. It is a good habit when they voluntarily do so. Inspire them for such a kind gesture. Money is surely going to be saved. But moreover, you help them to build a character, which will pay-off at later stages of their lives.

Enlighten them about the go-green movement. Give them a call for action for this cause. Tell them it is smarter habit to reuse supplies. It saves nature. If inspired to the right tone, you will see them using the notepads, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, and crayons of the last year. Does it make any sense to purchase supplies, which really last for than a few years!

So, by this time you must have prepared the list of back to school supplies you already have. Now find the list of supplies you need. You should get the one from school. A lot of school hand over the list on the last day. If you do not have the list, visit school website, or, ask the teacher for the list. It is very much necessary to make a plan.

I hope you have your list ready as well. Now find the items you need to buy. You should note the quantity also. For example, while one calculator is just enough for him, you need bunch of notepads, pencils, crayons etc. I know it sounds too common. But without the quantity, your list is never going to be complete. Next, strike out the things you already have. Buy the quantity required.

Avoid luxury. Try to settle your mind on minimum feature requirement. It is okay, if it serves the basic purpose. There is no need to pay extra money for feature rich supplies. There is no shortage of items with add-on features. You may find a pencil with LED torch or a backpack with headset very attractive. But these add-on features are rather distracting. Avoid them. Avoid a graphing calculator, if it is not required. Consider a simple calculator, which will meet the purpose. This also teaches your children to follow a simple lifestyle.
Take full advantage of the competition. Back to School is equally important for retailers. They have to give you special price today or tomorrow. Just continue visiting facebook or twitter as you would otherwise do and watch deals. Create your spreadsheet to collect the following information: - Item, Price, Store, End date. If you find a so-called ‘never before’ price bait, go for it. It is better to consider bulk purchase for things, which run out of stock frequently. Plus, it saves shipping cost.

Find and use store coupons. The codes will surely save a few extra bulks.

Look for price-match offer. If you find the same item at a cheaper rate, contact the support team for a price-match. They are more likely to listen to your request. 

And finally, to get maximum savings, form a parents group. Negotiate with stores to offer special discount as you are going to purchase in big volume. If they decline to listen, visit another store. Tell the store to send the items to your school. This will make your life easier.

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